Firm Advice Changing Your Accountant

Changing your Accountant

  • Have you considered the option of changing Accountants previously but changed your mind?
  • Does it just seem like too much “hassle” to go through the above process?
  • Are you satisfied with the quality of service from your existing Accountant?
  • Do you feel like you are getting value for the level of fees that you are paying?
  • Are you informed on an ongoing basis of filing requirements and kept up to date with your responsibilities towards your business?
  • Do you tend to leave Accountancy issues until the last minute and only act when faced with a deadline?

If you have answered NO more than once to any of the above then It’s be time for you to take control of your own business.

It is far better to proactive as opposed to reactive when looking after the core element of your business. i.e : Your books and records.

Why not contact us today to organise a free consultation with Shelagh or James in our Cashel or Cork office.

A change can be as good as a new start and we can ensure a smooth transition and the highest level of service.